The Nokia Test

One of the most popular methods to understand if a team is doing SCRUM or the so called SCRUM BUTT  is the use of what is called “Nokia Test”. It is a very simple yet very strict test and almost 80% of teams who claim to be doing SCRUM do not pass even Level 1. 

Here is an overview of the test:


  • Iterations must be time-boxed to less than six weeks / Do your sprints start and end on planned dates
  • Is the software completely tested and working at the end of an iteration
  • Can the iteration start before specification is complete


  • Does the team know who the product owner is
  • Is there a product backlog prioritized by business value
  • Does the product backlog have estimates created by the team
  • Does the team generate its burndown charts and knows its velocity
  • Does the team have outside people disrupting the work of the team during the sprint

Answer the questions and provide Your email address. You will recive the benchmark results via email.

Good luck!